Who we are

Al-Hikma  Foundation  is a non-profit organization, registered under  voluntary social service act 31 of 1980,   committed  to spread the message of Allah, based on the teachings and practice of Islam as well as to  reach out to  the  grassroot level people in sharing  the blessings  and  Love  of Allah  to  the mankind.

We Al-Hikma strongly believe that the bountiful benefits and mercy of our Almighty creator should be shared with every soul on this earth that they sustain their lives based on the teachings of the Glorious Quran the final revelation to the Mankind by the most merciful sustainer.

To  make  sure  that  our  vision  becomes  true  and  authentic,  we  strive  within ourselves to embark on endeavors that will support and enhance the lives of many less fortunate brothers and sisters of Islam  as well as to reach many of the Non- Muslim   communities   to   understand   and   embrace   the   ultimate   and fastest growing faith on the earth.

As the rapidly changing scenarios on economic, social and political platforms both at national and international  level,   that  keeps challenging our mission day to day, we have been pushed through the force of circumstances to redefine, revisit and restructure   our   strategies   to   serve   the  communities   who best  deserves our humanitarian support at times of distress and vulnerability.



Identifying  and  establishing  the  distinctive  social,  cultural  and  religious  needs  of  the  Muslim communities living in the main lands as well as in the remote, backward and the  isolated areas.

Striving   within   ourselves   as   active   social   workers,   we   Al-Hikma   Foundation   have  embarked on relieving the suffering of the socially and culturally unfortunate section of the  Muslim communities and non-Muslim communities, alike.

Leaving behind our steadfast legacy and promises to eradicate poverty and social insecurity  towards Muslims in our respective region for postority. We are also committed to create a  people  friendly  cader  that  has  always  been  our  conviction  throughout  our  long  which  in  effecting sustainability and social security.

Amalgamating and establishing linkages and co-orporation  and making sure that we are  in the  active  participation  with  the  members  of  Islamic  network  and  forums  to  strengthen foundation’s work in spreading the message of Islam.

Maintaining the security and safety of orphans and help enhanching the living standard of widows by providing them with necessary needs and water and sanitasion are also our main priority.

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