Chairman Message


Chairman Message

I am pleased to apprise you in briefing about the Al-Hikma Foundation established to serve humanity without discrimination of caste, colour,ethnicity and creed under the Al-Hikma Foundation’s stable and visionary leadership, we have been able to achieve a consensus on our mission and objectives which will greatly enhance the positive outcomes of Al-Hikma’s efforts moving forward.

Our foundation has helped large number of the needy people including the poor, the disable, widows and orphans by providing needs and materials such as Food aid, Emergency relief, Medical aid, disable care, Livelihood grants, Agriculture Tools and raw materials, implements for fishing,water & sanitation facilities,Sheltering the Homeless,education support, clothing, Sewing machines and sponsorship programmes (Orphans, Hifz, Muallims and widows) by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have also extended our help to war and natural disaster victims during the past years. Establishment of Al-Hikma Sweet home for the poor and needy children is yet another milestone.

Moreover Al-Hikma Foundation has taken initiative in bringing educational upliftments in traditional Madrasas’ Education System in Sri Lanka. We pride ourselves in commencing first ever orphans care centre cum Educational institution for the children from the poor and the needy families.

Besides initiating the above projects, we are currently running Madarasas to teach Quran for children, providing Clean Water facilitIes,Livelihood and Educational supports to promote the poor and the needy.

I would express my heartfelt gratitude for those who helped us in financially resourcing and donating aids for the needy and the poor.

I am also Looking forward to inviting the interested party and philanthropists in the noble and the sacred cause of ours

Sheikh Abbas Ibadullah J.P
Chairman/CEO Al-Hikma Foundation Sri Lanka

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