Sri Lanka Flood

You are well aware of the unprecedented devastation brought about by floods in certain part of Sri Lanka due to heavy rain started since couple of weeks ago. Certain district of Sri Lanka such as Batticaloa , Trincomalee, Kilinochchi , Mullaitivu and Ratnapura have been severely affected although eastern province got major devastation than other district. Specifically, Muslim community entirely representing area of Kinniya got severely affected as below and more than 12000 family member including children and women temporally accommodated in the public places until the situation become normal.  They have been temporarily assisted by Al-Hima foundation and District Social service department Trincomalee.
According the metrological department announcement that the seasonal rainfall will continue for another week and the internally displaced people would not be able to return home in few days because most of the dwelling, household equipment and Agriculture activities totally affected  According to the announcement of Disaster Management Unit of Government of Sri Lanka, all community were requested to avoid the movement in flood water which carries positions organism potential to cause harmful diseases.  In the meantime many people were already affected by infection of new viral flue and eye diseases.
Details of Devastation at Trincomalee Region as below
  1. More than 46157 people including women and children displaced their home and they were temporally accommodated at Public place for last five days. Although many people live in their friends and relatives houses and their details were not estimated yet because rescue operation is still continue.
  2. More than 85,000 Ac of paddy field totally destroyed.
  3. More than 1500 Ac of Home garden destructed
  4. More than 350 houses were partly and fully destroyed however the climatic condition is not favor to estimate the exact figure.
The scale and impact of the tragedy has caused a sense of helplessness. Given our limited resources, we do not know where to begin. In the past our friends and few well-wishers have immediately responded during disasters. However the scale of the current disaster is so vast that our friends and certain well-wishers are struggling to save their own lives and provide basic facilities those who live in the refugee camp.\
Although AL Hikma foundation provide certain assistance which is not sufficient to cater their entire need of community and Wish to make appeal for 2,600,000.00 LKR (20,000$) for immediate response because we anticipate the IDP wanted stay in the places for few weeks prevent health Hazard and further complication.
Al Hima Foundation is plan to provide the basic and essential items such as milk powder, food packet, biscuit, blanket, certain cloths, health and hygiene pack and essential medical items as agency responses.
We look forward to hear from you soon with positive response.
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